Dear friends,

First of all a warm welcome to our website … :- ) You may wonder at this point, what exactly links the lowland tropical rainforest in our banner with water resources in general? Well … both are not only important components of our global hydrological cycle and thus irreplaceable for our climate, but progressively threatened by anthropogenic influences.

And how exactly does this correlate with the concept of creating a natural swimming pond in your garden? Some folks out there may say why should I be concerned if socioeconomic induced depletion of forest in the catchment area of the Amazon will trigger a fatal vicious cycle or under the most atrocious human rights violations in Dubai an unprecedented environmentally unsustainable disaster is taking place. In respect to the idea of freedom of expression, your personal attitude is certainly tolerated, but we personally just cannot close our eyes and look away – we care!

Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to not only introduce our natural
swimming pond to you and show you all those hilarious mistakes we made
during the construction phase, but also call on your social and ecological
responsibility on a worldwide scale. We can all do a little bit more than switch
to energy-saving bulbs - we can ascribe the ecosystem which we depend on and
it’s numerous inhabitants a little more respect and show a global social
responsibility in all those little everyday decisions that we make.

Of course we will also show you on our website, how we struggled with our
rubber liner (or foil), but we eventually hope that with a few links and stories
from our lives as development experts we may contribute to the dissemination
of knowledge and create awareness for those greater humanitarian
struggles out there.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our site … :-)