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The Neverending Story ...

Chapter 1:
Once upon a time, there used to be a tiny little pond, skirted by an abundance of blooming flowers and just large enough for a single water lily …

Chapter 2:
One day we just started thinking …: well a little extension would not do any harm and maybe we could add some of those cute little goldfish? The result provided the anticipated satisfaction ….

Chapter 3:
The next summer:
Mmmmh, just maybe a little bit wider and we could add something with a little splash? That could really be soothing for those stressed nerves!

Chapter 4:
We need a footbridge! One of those graceful, arched ones, we saw in the gardening magazine. (That bridge really used to be arched :- ) )

Chapter 5:
That was somewhat reasonable for exactly one season. Everyone was content and satisfied, sitting on the bridge with our feet dangling in the shallow water, watching those affectionate goldfish, listening to the murmur of the fountain and started ... oh no …. dreaming. What could we do to expand this pond to make it big enough for an air mattress? After all it will get warmer in Europe with all this climate change so better to be prepared …

And that is how it all began …..Hier geht es weiter zur Planung :- )


Photos :-)   

The old existing pond

Once upon a time ….

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